​Top Researcher Nicknamed This Strange White Powder...

"​God's Miracle Dust"

Because ​It ​Might Just Be 

 The Single Greatest 

"Off-The-Grid" ​Garden Product Ever ​Sold

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth could be the single best way in the world to get rid of Japanese Beetles.

Perhaps the most unusual... but extraordinarily useful substance on the planet... is found naturally and can't be patented by "big ag" or giant chemical companies... And with hundreds of self-reliance and survival uses... it's no wonder the "big boys" ​would rather you ​didn't even know ​it exists.

Here's The Incredible Story:

Dear Friend,

We live in a time when it's impossible to escape dangerous chemicals. They're in our homes, our food, our soil, our water, and our air. They're so much a part of our lives that we think nothing of it.

It's high time we think about it a little more.

There are over 70,000 chemicals in use today and their cumulative effects on human health have never really been studied. In fact, very few of them have even been studied individually for safety. Should we be worried? You be the judge:

  • Today a newborn baby, just hours old, already has over 200 pesticides, industrial chemicals, and pollutants detectable in his blood.
  • ​Crazy too... a child's parents have over 500 chemicals in their bodies.
  • Pesticide residues are detectable in the urine of over 90% of people tested.

Here's the important thing: All of this accumulated chemical exposure comes at a very high cost. While big chemical corporations insist their products are safe, scientific studies say otherwise. Cancer, neurological diseases like Parkinson's, ADHD, autoimmune conditions, fertility problems, and more - all have been linked to chemical exposures.

And as you can see from the chart below...

Most Pesticide Poisoning Accidents ​Happen At Home!

can i put diatomaceous earth on my dog

​Why Do Folks Treat Their Homes Like Chemical Dump Sites?

A quick question: Why would anyone in their right mind want to bring more chemicals into their home? Especially when there's one environmentally friendly substance that can take the place of thousands of dangerous chemicals that plague our lives. It may quite well be Mother Nature's best-kept secret.

In fact, we've nicknamed it "God's Miracle Dust". First because it really is a miracle and second because of all the things it can do.

God's Miracle Dust is actually a very special type of fossilized fresh water algae — yes, algae — that replaces toxic garden pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs for livestock, dangerous chemical preservatives, and even household cleaners.

​Why Does This Stuff Work Anyway? 

Here's what's really interesting: God's Miracle Dust (or just GMD for short) has been used as a survival tool since ancient times. GMD was used 4,000 years ago in China and Egypt, but it wasn't until the 1950s that its amazing properties were "discovered" in the United States.

GMD was formed eons ago from the fossilized remains of one-celled algae called diatoms. These fossilized remains form layers of a soft, chalky, sedimentary rock in the earth's crust. One very interesting property of diatoms is that their cellular walls have a honeycomb-like structure. That makes them extremely porous ... and it's what makes diatomaceous earth so valuable and so versatile today. A single particle of GMD can absorb up to 1½ times its weight in moisture. And there are literally hundreds of uses for it.

For starters ...

gods miracle dust

It wasn't until the 1950s that this amazing discovery was made. Since then, there are now more than 1500 unique uses for this incredible substance.

God's Miracle Dust Rids Your Home And Garden 

Of 98 Percent Of Unwanted Insects

​ And Bugs... Without Dangerous Chemicals.

Forgive me for once again stating the obvious: but chemical pesticides really are toxic. And to add insult to injury, they only work about 65% of the time. It goes downhill from there because over time, bugs develop a resistance to chemical pesticides so that you have to use more and more to get the same effect... or switch to a different, equally dangerous chemical.

Most common home-and-garden pesticides work by attacking the insect's nervous system, disrupting nerve impulse transmission and causing paralysis.  And unfortunately, many of those pesticides stick around in the soil for a long, long time. They can accumulate in fatty tissues of mammals and can wreak havoc on your health.

Chemical pesticides are, plain and simple, poison. Almost any exposure at all, even a small amount, can be harmful, but early exposures (by unborn or very young children) and repeated exposures (to anyone) are especially harmful. Here are just a few of their documented effects:

  • One common class of pesticides, organophosphates, can affect the cognitive development of children if they are exposed in the womb.
  • Children who are exposed to high levels of this pesticide are also at higher risk for bone and brain cancers and childhood leukemia.
  • Common pesticides used on produce are linked to ADHD in children.
  • Unborn babies exposed to permethrin, a pesticide, are at higher risk of learning problems.
  • 30 different pesticides act as endocrine disruptors and interfere with male hormones.
  • Pesticides impact male fertility​ and increase the risk of Parkinson's disease.
  • In animal studies... pyrethroids, a class of pesticides, are linked to thyroid, liver, and nervous system damage, immune problems, and impaired fertility hormones.
what is diatomaceous earth

The long-term effects of pesticide exposure can take years to show up. But in the short term, they're even more of a threat. Every year, U.S. poison control centers respond to over 2 million poisoning incidents. Most of these occur in the home and involve household chemicals. Children younger than age six account for half of all incidents.

When it comes to pest control, God's Miracle Dust is a smarter alternative.

Remember, we just said that most chemical pesticides attack the nervous system. God's Miracle Dust kills bugs in a completely different way. It doesn't work chemically, it works mechanically. This is huge! Here's what it really does...

It kills them by drying them out. Literally.

Each particle of GMD can absorb 1½ times its own weight in water, so imagine what even a small pinch of it can do. GMD starts its action on the insect's exoskeleton, absorbing the waxy outer layer. Once the GMD has penetrated the outer layer, it absorbs the insect's body fluids. Without those fluids, the insect's organs cease to function. Within seconds to hours (or, in rare cases, a couple of days) the bug literally dries out and dies.

Diatomaceous earth

Freshwater Diatoms Mean More Surface Area And Faster Action!

Because God's Miracle Dust has such superior absorptive capacity, it seems to kill bugs much faster than other forms of diatomaceous earth. Here's the key: GMD diatoms come from the algae genus Melosira, a freshwater species of diatom.

Melosira diatoms have over twice the surface area of more common diatom species.

More surface area means more pores per diatom... which means better, faster absorption.

And here's one of the best things about God's Miracle Dust. It keeps on working for months! If it rains, you don't even need to reapply it unless the rain is heavy enough to wash it away. Otherwise, once it dries, it's actively protecting your garden again. So let's talk about your garden.

​This Diatomaceous Earth Your Plants Like
Nothing Else In The World!

Aphids or beetles after your beans? Cabbage worms after your cabbage and cauliflower? Caterpillars after your kale? Leaf-hoppers on your azaleas? God's Miracle Dust decimates them all. You can use all different types of methods to apply GMD, but here are a few we like:

Bugs are even reluctant to cross the GMD barrier, so sprinkle a defensive ring of it near the roots of your plants. Outline your whole garden patch with GMD. Sprinkle a layer over the entire garden. 

   Kills the bugs in your garden but is totally safe for your family.

Soon enough, you'll find what works for you. You can apply GMD using anything that gives you the control to distribute it evenly, like a pepper shaker, a flour sifter, or even a tin can with holes punched in the bottom. You can scoop it out of the package and shake it over the area. At your local home and garden store you'll find all kinds of shakers and applicators that will work well too.

You can even make a liquid "slurry" by mixing 4 tablespoons of GMD to 1 gallon of water (shake often during use). Just spray it on your plants, making sure to apply it to both the underside and topside of leaves, the stem, and down near the roots.

But What About the "Good" Bugs?

What impact will God's Miracle Dust have on garden-friendly bugs like ladybugs, honeybees, or earthworms? You don't need to worry at all about GMD killing the earthworms in your garden; they aren't actually insects, and they don't have an exoskeleton that's affected by GMD. In fact, earthworms are actually able to digest GMD without harm. You do want to be careful about honeybees and ladybugs, though, so avoid getting it on plant blossoms.

Patrols Your Yard Like a Full-Time "Pest Cop"

If you're bothered by ants, crickets, chiggers, wasps, slugs, snails, or any other pests, regular applications of GMD will let you enjoy your yard again. Sprinkle GMD on or around slugs and snail trails. Dust GMD over ant colonies. Dust your entire lawn with GMD to get rid of the mites, chiggers, crickets, and other lawn-living pests that can make your life miserable. Spray wasp nests and ant trails with a liquid mixture of GMD.

Miracle Dust In Your House

Cockroaches. Silverfish. Crickets. Ants. Flies. Carpet beetles. There's not a pest that God's Miracle Dust can't banish. You can squirt, shake, sprinkle, or spread GMD where the critters live, from basement to attic, and soon enough they'll be gone. And because it's just a drying agent, you don't need to worry about your children touching it or your pets licking it. A little dirt never hurt anyone (except the bugs).

The Best GMD News Is About Bed Bugs!

It's been all over the news the past few years; we're in the midst of a bed bug epidemic. Calls to exterminators for bed bugs have increased over 80% in the past 10 years. And it's no wonder.

According to an Ohio State University study, bedbugs are now genetically resistant to chemical pesticides.​ Over time, they have developed a mechanism that protects their nerve cells from chemical pesticides by enabling them to break down toxins.

If you're unlucky enough to pick some up in a hotel room (even luxury hotels are just as susceptible as cheap motels) and bring them home with you, getting rid of them can be extremely difficult. One female bed bug produces up to 400 offspring in her lifetime. The insecticide of choice is usually permethrin – a suspected carcinogen that's also linked to ADHD. Do you really want to be rolling around in this stuff while you sleep?

gods miracle dust

Bed bugs have adapted a protective mechanism that enables them to resist chemical pesticides
but not GMD.

God's Miracle Dust works very differently from chemical pesticides. Instead of attacking the nervous system with poisons, it works mechanically by absorbing all the moisture in their bodies. Insects can't become immune to GMD. There's simply no way for a bed bug to resist the drying action of GMD.

"God's Miracle Dust" Keeps Emergency Grain Storage Free Of Insects For Decades!

Read any given food package in the grocery store and you'll find unpronounceable preservatives on the label. More and more, consumers are becoming concerned about how such modern, man-made chemicals impact health.

God's Miracle Dust, on the other hand, has been used successfully for thousands of years. Evidence of GMD as a grain storage protectant stretches back for millennia. The Chinese have been using it for about 4,000 years as a pesticide to protect grains, and some sources say it's also a component of traditional Chinese medicine. The Egyptians, who buried their dead in tombs with all the supplies they'd need for the afterlife, packed grains treated with the amazing substance.

About fifty years ago, GMD was rediscovered as a modern-day grain storage protectant. It was so effective that within no time, it caught on with farmers and food companies who absolutely had to have protection. Nowadays, it's widely used to keep the bugs out and to keep grains dry during transport.

But is it useful to you? Yes... especially if you're storing large amounts of grains at home (say, for your emergency food storage). It's the perfect way to keep your stored grains insect-free for months or even years at a time. If you're packing a five-gallon bucket (about 35 pounds) of wheat or rice, for instance, mix in a cup of GMD. When you go to use the grain, you can rinse it off, but it's perfectly okay to consume the grain without rinsing. (In fact, GMD contains 27 trace minerals that are good for your health.) For smaller containers, such as 1-quart jars, use about a half a teaspoon of GMD. Again, you'll want to mix it thoroughly. Emergency food buckets packed this way, when tightly sealed, can easily last for 20 or 30 years, or even longer.

what is diatomaceous earth

GMD is great for keeping stored grains

Here's How God's Miracle Dust Helps Keep Your Pets Healthy And Happy 

If the pets you love attract fleas, the last thing you want to do is put a flea collar on them or use chemical-laced shampoos and powders. Besides, when you put a flea collar on your dog, you increase his chance of getting cancer. And if your house gets infested, you don't want to use a flea bomb, either. That's because most commercial anti-flea products and treatments are far more toxic than the fleas themselves. The pesticides that are used in these products can damage the nervous system of your pet and theoretically you too, if you have too much exposure to it.

There are two common toxic chemicals used in flea-and-tick collars, shampoos, and powders. The first is tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) – an organophosphate chemical which is extremely damaging to the nervous system. The other common chemical is propoxur, a carcinogen that also causes nerve damage. These chemicals are widely used in leading brands of flea and tick products... and they simply aren't safe.

One recent study revealed that after just a few days of wearing chemical-laced collars, dogs had levels of these toxins on their fur that exceeded EPA guidelines for exposure to young children. 60 percent of pets wearing TCVP-based collars and 100% of pets wearing propoxur-based collars exceeded EPA limitations. In fact, flea treatments can expose young children to 500 times the levels considered safe for this type of pesticide. TCVP, for instance, kills by causing "spasmodic over-excitation of the nervous system."

Do you want to hang a "collar killer" around the neck of your pet, much less near your child and in your home?

diatomaceous earth fleas

Gets rid of fleas on pets without dangerous chemicals.

God's Miracle Dust is a really smart alternative. You just rub it into your pet's fur, and it simply dries the fleas out. Or just dust their bedding with it. That's it. No harsh chemicals, no neurotoxins. And if your pet should happen to lick his fur with the God's Miracle Dust on it, no worries... because it's actually good for him.

​Gods Miracle Dust Is Great For Keeping Livestock Healthy ​- Contains 27 Trace Minerals!

For at least 50 years, U.S. farmers have depended on this substance to help keep their livestock healthy. Not only does it get rid of fleas, ticks, maggots, and flies, but it's also an excellent anti-parasitic. GMD is often mixed into animal feed to keep it free of insects, moisture, and mold. But when the animals consume the GMD along with the feed, there's another big benefit: it kills parasites. And it contains 27 important trace minerals as well, which may be one reason so many farmers also report weight gain and overall improved animal health when using this stuff.

diatomaceous earth uses

GMD contains 27 important trace
minerals too.

The Most Valuable Household

Substance In The World?

The average American household contains about 15 pounds of potentially hazardous chemicals at any given time. If you use air fresheners in your home, you may be surprised to learn that they can contain chemicals that don't have to be listed on the label. A 2008 study, published in the Environmental Impact Assessment Review, evaluated the chemicals in three widely available brand-name air fresheners. The results were disturbing. They contained nearly 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause symptoms such as headaches, skin and eye irritation, dizziness, and even numbness in the extremities. The air fresheners also contained carcinogenic, hazardous air pollutants.

Environmentally friendly, diatomaceous earth makes the use of such chemical-based products obsolete. You can deodorize garbage cans, the cat box, the refrigerator, smelly sneakers, and more with it. Maggots in the bottom of the garbage can? Sprinkle in some GMD and both odors and maggots will be no more.

diatomaceous earth benefits

Elimates the need for harmful
household chemicals.

And because this diatomaceous earth is an amazing micro-abrasive, it makes a great paste for scrubbing. (You can even polish the silver with it.) Pour it over greasy spills and it will quickly soak them up. To deodorize your carpet, sprinkle it on, let it sit for a bit, and vacuum it up (especially helpful if you have fleas or other carpet critters). The ways you can use GMD around your home are almost endless.

Warning! All Diatomaceous Earth Is Not The Same!

​What is diatomaceous earth and what difference does it make where it comes from?

There are over 25,000 different species of diatoms. Diatomaceous earth deposits are found in the western portion of the U.S., as well as in China, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Australia. However, because the geologic events that created the deposits were different, and the diatom species found in each area are different, no two deposits are alike.

In the mountains of Utah, there's one deposit that has unique qualities not found in any other deposit on the planet. This deposit has 89-95 percent amorphous silica content. (amorphous has to do with absorptive capacity) This deposit is also known for its ultra-high purity and diatom surface area. 

Researchers believe the reason for the remarkable purity of this diatomaceous earth is that the deposit was formed by fresh water diatoms from mountain snow. Deposits from mountain snow seem to create diatoms with an almost perfect tubular shape which produce consistent holes in the shell wall. Other deposits contain a mix of types of diatoms with vastly different shapes. These inconsistencies in shape cause the fragile fossilized shells to break easily which renders them useless for all the purposes mentioned previously in this letter.

diatomaceous earth bed bugs

Out of 600 deposits in the US, only
4 are considered "food grade."

Miracle In The Mountains!

But what makes this deposit even more special is the type of diatoms it contains. The diatoms from this remote Utah mountain deposit were fresh water diatoms of the genus Melosira. This isolated, rare freshwater species has over twice the surface area of other typical deposits, and thus far more pores per diatom. And when it comes to diatomaceous earth deposits, porosity is key. More pores mean more absorption. Because of the high porosity of this unique type of diatom, God's Miracle Dust has superior absorption qualities. Each particle of GMD absorbs at least 1.5 times its weight in moisture.

By the way, there's another thing to watch out for in diatomaceous earth deposits: crystalline silica. It's common in diatomaceous earth deposits worldwide, but if there's more than one tenth of 1% in it, it's a potential carcinogen according to OSHA. Inhale too much of it, and it gives you the same health problems that inhaling too much asbestos does. By the way, the crystalline silica in God's Miracle Dust? Undetectable.

There's one more step to ensuring diatomaceous earth will do everything it's supposed to do: the diatoms need to have structural integrity and be fully intact. Sloppy mining and processing techniques can crush the delicate diatoms, which will nullify their effects. When GMD is mined and processed, every step of the process ensures that the diatoms are not crushed in the process. Uncrushed diatoms mean a more porous, more effective product. In fact, the equipment was custom built to very precise specifications to make sure the diatoms stay intact.

diatomaceous earth dosag

​​ Diatomaceous earth gets rid of fleas and other pests without chemicals.

​Warning Two: 

​Some Diatomaceous Earth May Actually

Contain A "Chalk Filler" ​​

It's true. More and more diatomaceous is ​coming to the U.S. from China and Mexico because the cost to mine here is much more expensive. Why? For one, cost of labor is higher here... as well regulatory over-site at mine in the U.S. tend to be perhaps "over-regulated." China and Mexico for example, have very little regulations with respect to quality control... which is little more than making sure the product is what it's claimed to be. But, as you might expect... ​quality shortcuts and blending are said to be common in some places. In fact, some exporters have been rumored to be blending raw chalk to the product to cut costs.  But as you can see below... at the microscopic level... they are clearly not the same thing. 

​Chalk Magnified

​Diatomaceous Earth Magnified

Now, there are those who claim that diatomaceous earth isn't effective at all. ​ A look at both pictures may help. One of my theories about diatomaceous earth is that when a cheaper "blended" version of the product is used... the results tend to be minimal because the product is in essence... diluted.  So, it is important to try to get the real thing. We are proud of our "high-capacity" diatomaceous earth which we feel has a superior absorbent nature.

That said.. we are sure you will see a noticeable difference in God's Miracle Dust.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About God's Miracle Dust 

​(diatomaceous earth benefits testimonials)

"Bought it for bed bug protection since a neighbor two apartments down the hall had the critters. Apartment management isn't doing what the protocols call for so this is my preventive measure. I put a one inch border around the complete interior of my apartment, every room,every closet. Have yet to see...or feel a bed bug." 

John H


Jennifer P

"Always use this time of year. Great stuff for the price"


"Best wormer for my dog, cats and horses!"

Doxie L

"I got this food grade shell flour for my peach tree. So far so good .Dont see any insects devouring them."

Beverly P

"Love this stuff!! Started using it on my chicks the day they came from hatchery. Also mix with their food. No mites, no parasites - great stuff!"

Jeni Z

"I own a 10 acre horse sanctuary, and this is a life saver for us. I've tried everything to control flies; fly predators, traps, tapes, toxins, etc. This provides the most reliable control inside and outside the barn."


"This is great stuff. I mostly use it on my chickens for mites and it works. I feel much better about dusting their bottoms using this stuff than the supposed 'medicinal' powder that is poisonous."

Jamie D

"Awesome non-toxic flea killer!"

Mary Jo

"Kills those exoskeleton jerks fast. Def recommend."


"This stuff is great. Used to feed to my horse and it helped keep her worm free. I feed it to my dogs for the same reason."


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More and more people are discovering the incredible versatility of environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth. But don't be fooled by other suppliers. Every deposit is different, and not all of them are good quality. After investigating 600 diatomaceous earth deposits in the U.S., we've chosen what our team thinks is the single best deposit in the world! It's the only one we could find comprised of fresh-water "mountain diatoms" of the Melosira genus, giving it far greater porosity and purity than other diatom species we investigated. This is NOT ordinary diatomaceous earth. It's truly extraordinary! And most importantly... It's the only one we could nickname "God's Miracle Dust" in good faith.

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